The story behind the creative studio Braga + Federico is a story of friendship and common vision.

Founded in 2012 in Milan by longtime friends Marco Braga and Giuliano Federico, the studio is the convergence of their versatile and extremely compatible backgrounds. Marco Braga, highly passionate about fashion and visual communication, graduated in architecture, interior, and industrial design at Politecnico di Milano, the city where he has developed numerous collaborations with major fashion houses through the years focusing on brand identity.

Giuliano Federico grew up under the influence of a strong fashion education from his father side and a more didactic approach from his mother’s, who was a teacher. Thanks to their influences he developed a strong interest in scouting and teaching younger generations about fashion.
He worked for many years in digital communication with a web agency before moving to Vogue Italia where he worked closely with Mrs. Sozzani as a digital content editor.

In 2012 they founded Braga + Federico to explore new digital territories and take fashion communication to the next level.